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New Menu

Early Learners have recently introduced seasonal menu which launched in September 2017.  Our nursery chefs make changes to the menu's each term.  Our menu is flexible based on stock rotation and the availability from our food provider.  We rotate meals so that children who attend regularly on an individual day is offered a variety.  Early Learners also introduces meals lining to different celebration or events throughout the year, (for example: Christmas, Pancake Day, Chinese New Year etc…).  We ask all parents to ensure they see the daily menus up in the entrances every day.


Our Meal times

Mealtimes at Early Learners are about more than simply what your child eats — we take the opportunity to use this crucial time to aid their learning and social skills.  By linking in with our planning we are able to increase children’s understanding of where food comes from and how we grow it. We also educate them on the benefits of healthy eating and support the adoption of good habits that will continue to benefit them throughout their lives as they move on to school and beyond.


Developing the social aspect of meal times is also important to establish good eating habits which is why children and staff sit down together to have a ‘family-style’ meal at which good table manners are promoted.  Your child will have up to three meals during their nursery day, depending upon the times they arrive and leave.

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