Our Baby Room


Our Middlewich baby room is a homely environment where each baby's learning is carefully planned to ensure they receive the best start in life which is rich in care and education.  We provide a safe and caring environment where your baby will develop their first skills through sensory and tactile experiences such as messy play, floor activities, books, music and of course lots of cuddles and love.


We invite parents to spend time at the nursery getting to know our staff and giving the opportunity to pass on important information regarding your babies’ routine. Your baby will be well cared for, nurtured and given the best possible care. At the end of each day you will receive feedback about your child’s day.  There are many opportunities for your baby to actively explore, enjoy, see, hear, touch, feel and move confidently within familiar surroundings.  We are currently offering one month free to all children aged 0-18months.

Our new Dream Coracle

Our New Dream Coracle

"The children love curling up in their own snuggle-space; and having that boundary between themselves and other sleeping children. The Dream Coracle also works well for our youngest babies, five months old. As it becomes part of their daily routine, they happily drift off to sleep like a wee bird in its nest. When not in use, Coracles can be easily stacked out of the way to free up floor space. You can’t do that with cots!"


“The Dream Coracles enable us to make better use of the space within the room as the children now sleep when they are truly tired.  Children are more content and staff can spend more time supporting play and development.  The Dream Coracles are great for our children’s imaginations.  On a daily basis they put the dolls to bed and look after them. The coracles have enabled them to develop this role play.”

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